Make Ribbon and Organza Lace Scrunchies

Scrunchies are back in style! They are super-practical and suitable for all hair types. Our amazing range of laces, ribbons and fabrics allow you to co-ordinate colours and textures back with your entire wardrobe. You will find it’s easy to stay on trend and have a scrunchie to go back with every outfit.

Make Ribbon and Organza Lace Scrunchies »

Make Ribbon and Organza Lace Scrunchies »


  • Berisford’s 40mm Super Sheer Ribbon in white (SKU 801271)
  • Birch Organza Lace 28mm in cream (SKU SO0003)
  • Birch Braided Elastic 6mm x 5mt (SKU 009042 in white or black)
  • Birch Dressmaker Pins 26 x .65mm (SKU 024120) or Magic Clips (SKU 216053)
  • Gutermann 100mt poly thread (SKU 019007)
  • Ruler
  • Sewing machine



Measure and cut elastic to the circumference of your wrist. Press or steam ribbons to remove wrinkles. Cut 1 length of lace and 1 length of ribbon approx. twice the length of the elastic (eg: to allow for gathering). The lace and ribbon must be cut the same length.

Centre the lace on the ribbon (right side of lace should face outwards). Hold lace onto ribbon with Pins or Magic Clips. Stitch 1cm from the ribbon’s edge through the lace and ribbon. Stitch a 2nd row 1.5cm away from 1st row to form a casing. Use safety pins or a loop turner to thread the elastic through the casing, gathering the ribbon as you go. Using a sewing machine, stitch the ribbon and elastic together to close the scrunchie. The stitching doesn’t need to be neat but must be secure!

Make Ribbon and Organza Lace Scrunchies »

Make Ribbon and Organza Lace Scrunchies »

Fabric Scrunchies:

You can also use fabrics to make scrunchies, allowing you to get creative with fabric patterns and textures (such as slub, stripes and fabric grain.)

For a 40mm wide fabric scrunchie cut a rectangle 92mm x twice the length of elastic (0.6cm seam allowance is included). Fold the rectangle in half and press. Close the seam of the longest end of the rectangle sewing a 0.6cm seam. Bag out the rectangle with a safety pin or loop turner, press and thread elastic through the casing. Close the open ends of the scrunchie (elastic and fabric) by machine or hand sewing.

Bias-cut fabrics, especially flowing ones like satin, drape differently than straight-cut pieces which can be noticeable on smaller scale projects. Be aware that sewing on the bias can be a tricky on slippery fabrics.  

HOT TIP: The most precise way of cutting slippery fabric is to use a rotary cutter and a ruler.

Now it’s time to get stylish! Your scrunchie is ready to wear and co-ordinate back with your outfits.

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