Make Your own Headpiece

Originally associated with headgear from the 19th and early 20th centuries, a fascinator was usually seen as a lightweight, crocheted or knitted headscarf. In modern days, a fascinator has become quite a fashion statement for big events such as a wedding or during racing season.

What strikes us, is the meaning of the word. Fascinator comes from the latin “fascinatus” meaning “to bewitch or cast a spell on”. Furthermore, where the English language says “to fascinate”, it means “to attract and hold attentively by a unique power, personal charm or unusual nature”

If you catch someone’s attention, and then hold it – you fascinate them!

A little about Sinamay:

Sinamay is woven from the stalks of the abaca tree. Abaca fibre is stronger than cotton or silk, and once wet and dried it hold its shape. It is one of the most common materials used in racewear or hat making and can be used to create all kinds of shapes and trimmings. It is available from millinery suppliers, or if you prefer, you can buy a pre-made Sinamay shape in retail stores. Sinamay must be cut on the cross on the cross (bias).  This will allow it to be molded and shaped.

Below, we show you 2 ways you can create your own fascinator. Once you know the basics, there are endless creations you can make. Don’t forget to tag us on Instagram if you make your own masterpiece.

Make Your own Headpiece »
Make Your own Headpiece »
Make Your own Headpiece »
Download printable version here:  how-to-make-a-fascinator.pdf
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